Monday, April 18, 2011

Links We Love

Today, a news website can't just be a news website — it needs to talk to you, to make you laugh, to show you videos, to let you hear something new, to link you to other fun places on the web and to work within your social network. While most websites, independent or mainstream, rarely have all of these components, it's interesting to see how they are trying to adapt to a web savvy audience that wants it all.

A site that I came across today that I thought was a great way to incorporate another form of news was HerCampus' Links We Love. If you are anything like me, you click on that funny, fresh new video, article or photo that your Facebook friends post in their status. You laugh or say 'oh wow' and you send it to your other friends so you all can talk about it. This is how our generation functions. We like all of these little fun factoids that everyone wants to talk about. Links We Love isn't just a page of news articles that you have to sift through, it's quick little blurbs and links that can start those viral conversations.

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