Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wait a minuteThe New York Times reported this morning that, a website promoting Donald Trump as the next presidential candidate, was started by "a group of New Hampshire Trump loyalists" and "they said Mr. Trump had nothing to do with their efforts."

BUT, if you go to, it says that the site is paid for Michael Cohen and Stewart Rahr. BLTWY reported on March 21 that Cohen, "an executive vice president in the Trump Organization who also serves as his special counsel," was "allowed" by Trump to "found" the website to "gauge the public's interest in a potential presidential run in 2012, as well as to carry out other politically related activities." As far as Rahr, he was featured in Forbes last year after securing a deal to sell a $1.3 billion company to Cardinal Health and interested in promoting "his friend Donald Trump as a candidate for president in 2012."

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